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Safety Information.

Necklaces, bracelets and anklets are for wearing and NOT for chewing

  • Wear at all times but remove for swimming and bathing.
  • Detergents and perfumes will damage the item.
  • Wear under a sock and do not allow to be pulled.
  • Amber is soft so keep stored in the natural fabric bag to stop it getting scratched.
  • Necklaces should be removed from the neck when the child sleeps or is unattended.
  • Necklaces can be worn on the ankle. This is done by double-wrapping the necklace around the ankle, and placing a sock over the foot to keep the necklace stationary and warm.

The Amber Necklaces and Bracelets we sell incorporate the following safety features: 

  • Necklaces need to be short enough so as not to hang down and get caught. Leave a two finger gap between the tape and neck.
  • They are threaded on cotton which will break if caught on something or pulled.
  • There is a knot between each bead so that if it breaks the beads remain intact and in most cases will not scatter.
  • The beads are rounded and polished so that no sharp edges remain.
  • The beads are not toxic.
  • Our amber has been tested to EN71-3:2013 and passed so it does not contain dangerous chemicals or nickel.
  • We have the test certificate with our company name on it to prove this as we had to pay for these expensive tests
  • Do now allow the amber to be chewed. Amber is a resin and will shatter under pressure. Cracked beads could be inhaled and become dangerous.

We do not sell bean or olive shaped amber for children as it splits easily and becomes sharp and is also a choking hazard as it is larger.

They are fastened with a plastic screw barrel clasp that is designed to break if pulled.

Metal clasps are not allowed for use with children as they will not release if needed.

Magnetic clasps are also dangerous if swallowed by a child and we do not sell these either.

What happens when they break if pulled?

If you receive a faulty item or the clasp releases too soon please contact us to arrange an exchange.
We always replace faulty or broken items and have a 365 day return policy.

Small beads and knotted between each bead

As it is composed of small parts, amber is not suitable for children under 36 months.

Children over 36 months must wear it under close adult supervision

As per trading standards labelling requirements and general product safety regulations, all items are supplied with a care leaflet and instructions.

Please read it carefully.


With the proper care, this beautiful amber will last a life time and can be passed through the generations

We at Love Amber x have had our amber jewellery independently tested in the UK by an accredited laboratory.

Our amber jewellery has been tested for chemicals and heavy metals, and passes EN71-3:2013 (Safety test for chemicals and heavy metals).

Our necklaces and anklets are not toys and are not sold with the intention of being used as toys.

EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 states necklaces and anklets are not suitable to use as toys for children under 36 months.

Testing for Fake Amber

Sadly the market has been flooded with fake amber. Amber jewellery is easy to fake using plastic or copal (immature amber).

We only sell genuine certified amber from a supplier we have been using for years. Certificates are also available to view on request.

The first indicator of a possible fake is the price. Real amber is not cheap and is getting more difficult to find.

There are a number of tests you can perform to check if your amber products are real.

The Rubbing Test

This is the simplest and safest test. Wrap the necklace in a soft cloth and rub rub rub ??? if it???s true amber it will become electrostatically charged enough to pick up small pieces of paper. Copal will not take on an electrostatic charge and may become sticky.

The Alcohol Test

Both copal and plastic will deteriorate when they come into contact with a solvent. ???Plastics are quickly attacked by alcohol (95% ethyl alcohol), acetone (100%), and ether. A few drops of acetone (fingernail polish remover) or alcohol dripped over the surface of the piece will reveal if it holds up to the solvent. If the surface becomes tacky, it???s not amber. Amber will not feel tacky or dissolve under these solvents.???

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