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Your checklist for purchasing genuine Baltic amber online.

In our world of commerce today, nothing is as popular as online shopping. And it???s easy to see why. It suits our lifestyle to buy what we want???whenever we want it. Readily available technology enables manufacturers to give immediate access to tens of thousands of people all over the world with just a few mouse clicks. What could be easier, right?

Because it???s so easy to sell online, it???s also easy to sell fake products. There are companies that are only online to rip you off and before you know it, you???re out of pocket of hard earned money for something you thought you were paying for. That???s certainly not an experience you want to have and we want to give you some tips that will keep you from buying fake merchandise.
For any online purchase, you should take some preliminary steps to verify the credibility of the merchant. The merchants should also provide you with a safe method of payment such as PayPal, Credit Card, Google Checkout or any payment service provider that guarantees a refund if the item needs to be returned.

You can also differentiate online shops by how their websites look. If the design is well executed with a great colour scheme, rich content, high quality photos, etc., then you can feel comfortable that this shop is reliable. If it???s a one-pager with minimal content, flashing banners, and makes statements like: ???Available right now for a very special price???this sale won???t last???, you might want to reconsider the vendor

1- The merchant guarantees that their amber is 100% genuine Baltic Amber. This can usually be found within the product description or the sub-pages of their website.

2- Be certain that the necklace is made with a safety clasp, one that is made of plastic and twists to open and close.

3- There can be no sharp edges whatsoever. Genuine Baltic Amber Artisans will only craft child necklaces with highly polished round beads for the child???s comfort.

4- Genuine Baltic amber necklaces for children are always designed with special string that is knotted between each bead so that if the necklace should be broken, the beads will not scatter. If this should occur, credible merchants should offer to restring the necklace for you at no charge (within guarantee period). If they are unable to do so, then client service is not their priority and buying from them should not be yours.

5- Amber necklaces must be constructed of only the highest quality natural Baltic Amber. If the price is cheap, that should be a red flag. Amber is becoming more and more rare so online sellers will offer an ???inexpensive??? version such as copal which can be dangerous.

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