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There has been a change recently in how Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets/Anklets are to be labelled in this country. Previously, amber for teething has been sold throughout the world with the label "Use under Supervision". Because there is no dedicated EU directive dealing with these products, they must be considered for labelling under the EU Toy Safety Regulations EN-71-1. When considered under this legislation, a certain test is applied to judge their suitability for use under 3 years. This test involves 3 elements; Size, Tension (strength of cord) and Impact. These products will not pass these tests, primarily because of their small size. The contention is that a child under 3 could put the necklace or bracelet / anklet in their mouth, in which case and it would not be safe. So we are obliged to label them as "Not Suitable for under 3 years". The product as a whole is what is under consideration. There is no question about the amber itself.

To add to the confusion regarding these products, they are being considered for labelling differently in different EU countries. The Irish and UK authorities are applying the full rigors of the testing procedures to them. But the authorities in other countries consider it is necessary to only apply the Tension test. They have developed a new type of clasp which breaks at a lesser force than the more common screw type clasp. A product with this new type of clasp is given EN71 certification from at least 4 EU countries as "Suitable for use under 3 years". Some are advising to attach the label "Use under Supervision" also. We do not stock this type of clasp as from a sample we put to test, they came apart too easily and kept falling off the child. Amber on the loose is not a great idea!

In the absence of a comprehensive EU dedicated directive on this and with the recommendations from Trading Standards here in the UK, we have relabelled all our Amber Products as "Not suitable for use under 3 years". For further information about how to use amber, please look at our observations on our safety page.

Please feel free to contact us in you would like further clarification on any of the above points.

Posted by Love Amber x - Jewellery & Baby Gadgets on 16 March 2015 16:41

I have seen various comments around the internet that you need a number of anklets based on weight. There is a little confusion there....

We started with two and most of our customers used two.

Those customers then suggested to others that this was the rule and not their own experiences.

It is not a 'Marketing Ploy' by us at all, it based on customer experience as shared by customers around parenting groups, not us.

Our advice (just to clear things up) is to start with one and see how you get on. The average is two.

You can add as many as you like. Amber is not a drug but it is very pretty and each colour goes well with each other beautifully.

Up to you. Nobody forcing anyone to buy more but you can buy as much or as little as you want to :-) xx

Posted by Love Amber x - Jewellery & Baby Gadgets on 04 April 2015 11:52

We are aware of the concerns that will be raised by the recent press release from Essex Trading Standards.

The allegations mentioned date from January 2014 (13 months ago) and were due to a labelling error.

We did not have the correct label on the products test purchased and therefore we were guilty and pleaded as such.

A lot has changed since then and we constantly strive as a company to evolve and improve.

We have received no complaints from our customers about our products safety.

Our customer relations are the core of our business, indeed a lot of our customers have become our friends.

We would do nothing to jeopardise their children’s’ safety or sell anything that could harm them.

Our own young son has been wearing amber for two years.

Our website and packaging clearly displays warnings about the use of our jewellery. It is jewellery, not a toy.

It is not sold as a toy and should not be regarded as such.

We give clear instructions on the use and care of our jewellery.


Marie and Simon

Love Amber x


Posted by Love Amber x - Jewellery & Baby Gadgets on 16 March 2015 16:41

Why we cannot market our amber products as baby amber teething anklets and amber teething necklaces anymore

For many years amber products have been sold throughout the world with the recommendation to use under supervision.

In the absence of a directive to classify and test amber products, they have been classed and tested as toys. As ‘toys’ they contain small parts.

According to EU Toy safety regulations EN-71-1 necklaces are not suitable to use as toys for children under 36 months.

Our necklaces are not toys, please do not allow your children to play with or chew on them. Our children's jewellery must be worn under adult supervision.

Under a European wide investigation into amber teething products some jurisdictions have changed the labelling requirements to "use over 36 months only".

This is because of its composition of small parts and is not because of any question over the amber itself. In the absence of a comprehensive EU dedicated directive on this and with the new recommendations from the National Consumer Agency for amber necklaces (27/03/2013)

It is recommended for use on children over 36 months.

What is EN71:1

As there is no test for amber jewellery, the closest trading standards could find was a test for toys.

The amber was tested to destruction by dropping a 1kg weight on it (it shattered as it is a resin) It was pulled apart and broken and it was also put into a small container.

The tests simulated chewing, swallowing the necklace and pulling by a baby.

As it consists of small parts that had shattered it was deemed unsuitable for babies as chewing it could cause it to shatter and be inhaled which presents a choking and inhalation risk.

When you see the red circle warning with 0-3 on toys that is what it means.

We have however passed the EN71:3-2013 test for chemicals and nasties.

Posted by Love Amber x - Jewellery & Baby Gadgets on 16 March 2015 16:40

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